Revenge 4×09 – Intel

"I don't believe in mercy."


Who knew Revenge could still pull off an effective twist?

Way back in its prime, Revenge had the ability to impress me on a regular basis. But somewhere along the second season, I lost hope the show could pull off a proper jawdropper. So imagine my surprise when this week’s hour culminated with uber-cheesy FBI agent Kate being revealed as Malcolm Black’s secret operative. Until that moment, I was loathing the character and the horrid love subplot the writers were forcing her into with Jack. But making her our new Big Bad’s secret weapon? That’s kind of genius. In fact, her hooking up with Jack in Intel’s final moments is just the kind of crazy batshit ending Revenge used to pull off so effortlessly in the past. I’m not going to get too hopeful just yet, but this was definitely a welcome development.

Picking up from Contact, I was ecstatic to see Emily continue to tap into her dark side and carry out some pretty gruesome torture on David’s attacker. It’s still too soon to judge our supposedly new big bad (Malcolm Black), but I’m hoping he lives up to his reputation – and that he did more than force David to “launder money”. Don’t we need a nefarious plot that’s a little more grand in scale?

After nine episodes, Ben finally had a somewhat memorable episode as he fumbled his way into asking Emily out to a date. Their interactions didn’t totally bore me (a definite achievement), as it’s always amusing to see what low Emily will go to in order to extract some much needed information. Here’s hoping he joins Team Takeda (RIP grand-master) and continues to provide added value instead of being just another lame obstacle in Emily’s way.

And finally, if anyone here thought Victoria was potentially turning over a new leaf this week, her final act of turning Emily over to Black’s agents is a surefire way to ensure our hatred of the Queen. I guess the only way this story can end is in Victoria’s death. Or will Emily bite the dust as well? (I can’t help but remember the ominous quote that opened up the show, way back in the pilot – the whole dig two graves shtick).

Vengeful Bits

– Kate’s “ice” in the hotel room was pretty smooth eh?

– Oh joy, David Clarke finally shaved his hobo beard! Sadly, he’s still a bumbling idiot.

– I was tremendously pissed at Nolan for letting Emily’s prisoner go. But tracking him? That was unexpected.

– Girls, the next time a guy tries to kiss you, be sure to employ Emily’s ninja hand swipe at the last second.

– Vicky’s relationship with Police Chief Edward is extremely unsettling.

– Are we seriously expected to believe that Conrad never noticed Victoria hid 5 million dollars back in 1993 when she was planning on escaping with David and the kids? At least Nolan now knows where that safe is.

– I’m impressed that Nolan did the right thing and didn’t screw Louise over in the end. These two are very fun together.

– Another week, another Daniel/Emily gem. Last week, Daniel encouraged Emily to fight harder for her father, and this week, Emily unknowingly returned the favor as Daniel went back for Margaux (only to discover her pregnancy). Who here is excited about that subplot?

– But seriously, Daniel and Emily: hook up already!

– So Emily not only kicks ass at darts, but she’s an awesome shot at basketball too? No surprise there!

– Next time you order room service, make sure you order the plat du jour: a picture of VanCamp with the words “The answer is Emily Thorne.”

Devious Delights

Louise: Never forget your first mental institution. In fact, I did self-medicate with my share of hot, nutty boys.
Nolan: Your words. My life.

David: I owe you an apology.
Nolan: You owe me a reputation, cell phone, and about 23,000 Twitter followers.

Daniel: (to Emily) You know, I’m starting to realize why we didn’t work. We’re the same person.

Kate: It ate my dollar and kept my carbs.

Nolan: Nanotech is the new black.

A surprisingly engaging hour of Revenge. I’m kind of shocked.

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  1. Loving the Daniel/Emily interactions. I quite enjoyed Ben's scenes as well. As for David Clarke, he is the most boring character ever!

  2. Ugh I should really stop watching those damn promos. Why do they give away SO much!

    Haha pregnant Margaux kinda made me laugh. Who in the world cares, seriously? And loving the Emily/Daniel scenes. Very honest.

    Bring on the fall finale..

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