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The Good Wife 7×04 – Taxed

"Suddenly there's a palace guard wearing a pantsuit and cheap shoes."


The introduction of bond court has done wonders for The Good Wife.

This brand new setting has imbued the show with a bold new energy that keeps everything fresh and gives Alicia an unpredictable challenge in the process. I was absolutely captivated watching our girl navigate her case-of-the-week (a racist upscale department store), not to mention the increasingly-annoying Judge whatshisface. Sure his mean shtick is getting old (and I’d prefer if it was more layered), but it allows Alicia to think on her feet and prove him wrong time and again. This storyline also verified Lucca’s theory about Alicia “caring too much” as she struggled to prove the innocence of her wrongfully-accused clients.

And the trials of Ruth Eastman continue. Anything Margo Martingale does is amusing, and I loved watching her suffer the consequences of Eli turning Jackie and Grace on her. Of course, the resourceful campaign manager proved that she’s more than cunning herself, and played both ladies by the end of the hour in a most clever manner. Can we please have more scenes of Ruth interacting with the Florrick clan? Comedy gold I tell you.

Taxeds ending also has a ton of potential with Alicia pretty much asking Lucca to open up a business with her. It took the writers a whole lot of seasons, but Alicia finally has a really great dynamic with another woman again, and I’m eager to see how these two can further kick ass together. Here’s hoping Lucca is a big part of The Good Wife for a long time to come.

Cases & Bits

– I love that after all these seasons, Diane totally knows how to play Canning and his sympathy tricks in court (dropping things, popping pills, etc…)

– “Perps by the pound”? That’s actually kinda catchy.

–  Bernie calling Alicia a liar for stealing his clients – Not cool! The Florrick reputation really is in the dumps huh?

– I was proud of Alicia for declining Cary’s request so confidently since she doesn’t’ want to owe Peter anything. Well played ma’am.

– How was great was the banter between Jackie and Eli while cooped up in that tiny office?

– Who else felt bad for Jackie standing in the hallway on her own?

Taxed gave us some intriguing backstory about Alicia’s new investigator Jason. Apparently he was disbarred for punching a judge. Now that’s interesting!

Good Lines

Jackie: So this is your new office?
Eli: Yes, Jackie.
Jackie: It’s not as big as it once was.
Eli: That’s right. And you’re dressing up more?
Jackie: No, these are my usual clothes.
Eli: Are you sure? I don’t remember you showing so much cleavage.

Some hilarious character dynamics made for a quirky and engaging hour of The Good Wife. 

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  1. Lucca may be right about Alicia caring too much as a bond court lawyer but I think that only proves that she isn't meant for bond court and it's time for her to move onto other kind of cases which would be a delight because I hate that asshole judge. I think Alicia realized it's time to move on from bond court which is I likely one of the reasons behind her offering partnership with Lucca. I can't help that the scene reminds me of a similar one between Alicia and Finn last season. I like Lucca but I wish Finn and Alicia went through with becoming law firm partners. It would have been amazing.

    Ruth really did show this episode how good at her job she can be with how she handled Peter's mother and daughter like the master operator she is. Ruth is right. Eli needs to bring on his A game to defeat her which will only add to my enjoyment of this subplot.

    Learning about some of Jason's backstory got me interested in the character. I like it when he said to Alicia, “why did you think you got me so cheap?”

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