Arrow 5×02 – The Recruits

"Don't you just hate when your plan to steal illegal nuclear technology hits a snag?"


Arrow is slowly getting salvaged. Thank God.

We’re still a long way off from the peak storytelling of season two, but The Recruits worked thanks to a whole lot of comedy. Yup this was one funny episode, and I honestly never thought I could say that about Arrow so late in the game. Everything about Ollie training his band of crazy recruits was ridiculously entertaining, and even Felicity got to be her old wise-cracking self instead of moping around about a doomed relationship. Sure there’s still the prospect of her new detective boyfriend ruining everything with an irritating love triangle, but so far so good.

The Recruits also introduces a brand new character into our midst: Ragman. Although his name is absolutely laughable, it’s promising to meet the sole survivor of Felicity’s nuclear debacle last season (I still don’t get how the show has barely glossed over the ramifications of that monstrous event). His magical rags not only LOOK cool, they provide Ollie with a brand new team member who actually knows what he’s doing. It’s certainly bizarre (apparently Ragman is a pretty old character), but I’m optimistic!

Now let’s take a moment and appreciate the absolutely inspired dynamic between Thea and Quentin. I can’t express how much I love seeing these two bounce off each other, and having Thea look out for Lance senior and offering him the Deputy Mayor position is just the icing on the cake. Spinoff with these two please!

Bits & Arrows

– Loved the salmon ladder sequence with Curtis trying to pull it off.

– How great is the level of brutality with Ollie incessantly beating down his recruits? He sure didn’t go easy on them.

– I like Wild Dog already. Evelyn and Curtis not so much yet.

– Interesting point with Ollie referencing Laurel’s inexperience and blaming her death on that.

– Still loving the Bratva flashbacks. That’s quite the accomplishment after two seasons of tedious storytelling. The parallels with the two trainings was just excellent! Teamwork all the way!

– Why did that random dude take off his shirt during the flashback exercise? Was no one else distracted by how unnecessary that was?

– And then there’s Diggle’s subplot in Chechnya, which is just atrocious on every level. Does anybody even care? I guess it wouldn’t be Arrow if the episode didn’t have one horrendous subplot.

– The Dark Archer is back, and this time he’s beating up Church for almost killing Green Arrow. Also, we finally have a name.. Prometheus. Hmm…

Quips & Canaries 

Felicity: (Watching Ollie on the salmon ladder) It’s really hot– I mean, not.

Oliver: I’m recruiting a new team.
Thea: Oh.
Oliver: You ok with that?
Thea: Yeah, why wouldn’t I be? I quit.
Oliver: No, I know, but there’s a difference between leaving and being replaced.
Thea: Oh. It’s really cute you think I can be replaced.

Thea: Then what’s the backup plan?
Oliver: Me. It’s one of the advantages of having the mayor moonlighting as a vigilante.
Thea: Or the vigilante moonlighting as mayor.

Oliver: They’re too green.
Felicity: Some could say the same about you. (He stares at her) I’ve been waiting 5 years to make that joke.

Felicity: Aw, and people say he’s just a pretty face.

A highly amusing hour that kept me engaged the whole way through. Not bad at all!

Nad Rating

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