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The Crossing 1×01 – Pilot


After Lost came out in 2004, every network in existence tried to launch a serialized mystery series that could capture the zeitgeist in the same way. What followed was an influx of high-concept shows (Flashforward, The Event, Last Resort, V, Terra Nova, Revolution, Threshold, Invasion, Surface, Extant, The WhispersContainment) that flopped hard and fast. For some inexplicable reason, ABC has decided that now is the perfect time to try again. Enter The Crossing. Its hook is pretty catchy: a number of refugees wash up on a small fishing town… only they’re from America 180 years in the future.

Yeah…don’t get too excited, because this one’s certainly another flop.

Another Shadowy Conspiracy

While The Crossing is lucky to have one heck of a beautiful opening that reels you in from the start, the rest of the script is a mess: the skeptical cop, the nefarious organization, ominous warnings of something “big” on the horizon…you’ve seen it all before, and much more effectively. It boggles my mind that shows these days still churn out the same formula and expect different results. This is generic television at its finest, and every “twist” is telegraphed a mile away.

An Unimpressive Cast

Sometimes, a strong cast can salvage a weak script. Unfortunately for The Crossing, no one stands out. Steve Zahn tries his best as the Sheriff at the center of the conspiracy, but all he can do is react to the seemingly extraordinary (more like tedious) things happening around him. Natalie Martinez gets to have more fun as Reece, the show’s resident buttkicker, but she doesn’t really get much screen-time. For some inexplicable reason, House of Cards‘ Sandrine Holt gets a whole lot of attention as Agent Emma Ren, but she’s completely lifeless in the role.

And finally, the cliffhanger is just lame, which just might be the gravest sin of all.


The Crossing is off to a painfully predictable start that squanders a potential-filled premise. Avoid this one and rewatch the first season of Lost instead.

Nad Rating


  1. Haha is it weird that I actually enjoyed this? I don’t know if I’m suddenly enjoying mediocre television now (Station 19, For the People, Rise…who am I??) but I liked this. The horrendous cast notwithstanding, I’m very intrigued about the mystery. And loooved the opening sequence. It probably won’t last but I’ll check another episode or two for sure!

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