Ringer 1×07 – Oh Gawd, There’s Two Of Them?


Ugh. I want to love this show. I really, really do but they make it SO hard. It just feels cheap. The acting, the character dynamics, the twists for the sake of twists. I’ll give them one thing though; it’s definitely NEVER boring which for me is the greatest sin of all. So, I’m sticking with it, and I’m definitely amused by it. But I just wish it was serious, high-quality television. Sarah Michelle Gellar just deserves so much better than this. I know I keep repeating myself but all the ingredients are there for this show to rock; a killer star, an interesting supporting cast, and one HECK of an excellent premise that still intrigues me 7 episodes in. It pains me to admit that Ringer so far is simply not up to par.

As for this episode, well I did enjoy the little twists sprinkled throughout; Bridget telling both men about her twin, Charlie being revealed as Siobhan’s hitman, and of course the ultrasound of death! I actually can’t wait to see how Bridget plans on getting out of that one! So yes, I’m still hooked out of curiosity and loyalty to the show’s star. But PLEASE, start becoming awesome Ringer. You’re oh, so close.

P.S. Did we really need another subplot of Juliet being a spoiled yet misunderstood brat? Surely the writers can figure out something more amusing for her to do…

Nad Rating

(an undoubtedly high mark but I applaud the show for not boring me)

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  1. Juliet is obviously there to make the show more 'CW' than it was originally, but at least we get Jason Dohring!

    I agree with most of what you said, but I still kinda like it. It's so close to being amazing though, I just wish it would get there, someimes it feels like the writers are starting to fix the problems, and then we get moments like this one. Strange.

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