Revenge 1×13 – Commitment


Aaaah the brilliance. This has to be one of the strongest rookie seasons in quite a while. It might not be art, but it’s gripping, twisty, awesome television. Amanda is just so unabashedly vengeful which as I keep saying is SO refreshing to see on a TV show. I kept wondering what exactly Victoria’s rape lie would accomplish and then the ending hit me perfectly; it gave Amanda even more reason to go forth with her attack. Her whole “more than ever” moment at the end was a chilling moment and I love that we ALMOST saw her practically give up the fight before being spurred on more than ever as she saw her deceased father’s name being dragged into the mud yet yet again. It’s just so unfortunate that Daniel is caught in the crossfire and I really wonder if the writers have some trick up their sleeves because they’ve really made us care for him so it’s unfortunate if the pilot’s flashforward will come true.

Also, I just love the fact that you root for Victoria even though she’s particularly despicable at times. Conrad’s treatment of her in this hour just makes you want her to win so it’s just a whole crazy batch of revenge everywhere. I can’t say enough good things about my favorite new drama of the season. They’re won me over completely and that’s really an accomplishment in such a short time.

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