The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries 3×17 – Break On Through

"Let's go kill some Originals."


I didn’t love this one.  Something about TVD has been very “off” these last few episodes. I can’t really explain it but the quality has seemingly dwindled after a season that has been mind-blowing on almost every level. Maybe I just don’t enjoy Alaric as a character, and I’m sick of the Originals storyline being dragged out (which is something this show never does). After all, TVD is epic for its ability to steamroll through a million arcs and twists in a single episode that other shows would stretch out for years.

Nevertheless, there was some aspects I really enjoyed in this episode. Alaric’s attack on Meredith was undoubtedly entertaining, and I loved Caroline’s speech to Bonnie’s mom who STILL decided to leave.

Moreover, as heartbreaking as that was, the most touching moment of the episode belonged to Elena’s phone call with Jeremy. I’m actually really looking forward to his return as his dynamic with Elena is one I find myself surprisingly missing.

Here’s hoping for a return to form next week and a explosive pack of episodes to finish out this season with a bang. God knows this show deserves it.

Nad Rating


  1. I'm with you on TVD's. A little bit of a downer the past couple of weeks. I'm glad you're a Caroline supporter though, remember when she was useless in the first season? I can't believe I wanted her to be killed off!

    Abby is such a dull waste of a character opportunity. Would it have killed the writers to come up with someone vaguely interesting? I'm not sure if ts a casting or writing issue, but it bums me out a little.

    Great review Nadim. Always fun to read. =)

  2. Right? TVD has been a real disappointment lately. And not even in a controversial way which would give me a lot to say, it's just been boring which has never been the case! And by the way I've really grown to absolutely LOVE Caroline. She's exceptionally layered and always amusing to watch 🙂

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