Nikita 1×18 – Into The Dark

"It's one thing to face your sins; it's another to let them eat you alive."


After witnessing the brilliant highs of Nikita’s second season, I’d forgotten just how impressive the show’s debut season was as well. This was yet another solid offering from a production that’s just very confident in its tone and complexities.

Episodes guest-starring Owen are always intriguing and this one was no different. He brings out a different side to Nikki and I just really love their dynamic. Plus there’s the obvious romantic tension which I doubt will ever be pursued due to the Daniel issue. Still, I’d like to see it happen eventually.

I was also impressed by Alex’s storyline which was just as (if not more) exciting than Nikita’s although she wasn’t even in the field. Her mind games with Amanda were simply stellar and soaked with tension as our favorite villainess tried to break our little agent at every turn. I seriously can not praise these two enough as I just adore every time they’re on screen together.

And finally the ending got me all teary-eyed with Owen finally apologizing to Nikita for killing Daniel. I love that her reaction was to hug him and forgive me; it just made the scene all the more poetic and beautiful. They just really know how to do endings on Nikita.

Bits & Bullets

– Owen interrupting Nikki & Michael little romp. Genius. And I love that they made Maggie Q act out the whole scene in her underwear. I doubt she felt very comfortable on set that day.

– Chilling scene when Alex’s interrogation of Jaden turns out to be Amanda’s evil plot. I swear she’s just terrifying. Also, the air-vent references were excellent continuity touches.

– Badass fight scene between Nikki, Owen and the Guardian. Loved how it ended with Owen dumping that relentless killing machine into the ice and shoving Nikki into a moving car. Simply brutal.

– Magnificent scene with Amanda putting Alex through the lie detector test who twists everything using half-truths. It’s incredibly complex and beautifully played.

– Another awesome 3-way fight scene: Michael, Owen & Nikita. Seriously show, stop blowing my mind.

Nikki Notables

Owen: Make yourself at home.
Nikita: Is that what this is?

Owen: He’s kinda scrawny.
Nikita: He’s built where it counts.

Alex: You know what Amanda, I’m getting really tired of your mind games. This isn’t about me. It’s about your frustration at not being able to solve me like a Rubik’s cube.

Must-Download Tune
Death Cab For Cutie – I Will Follow You Into The Dark

Into The Dark is another solid addition to Nikita‘s impressive debut season.

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  1. Amanda and Alex's interrogation scenes were incredible! These two women DESERVE more screen time together. And Alex telling her “You know what Amanda, I'm getting really tired of your mind games. This isn't about me. It's about your frustration at not being able to solve me like a Rubik's cube” was PERFECTION. And Alex's half-truths intercut with flashbacks was genius!

    The rest of the episode was okay, but I'm a little tired of Owen just showing up for one episode then disappearing. But his fight with Nikita and Michael was so much fun, considering all three of them are rogue Division agents looking for revenge! Very cool.

    Loved the ending too. I didn't mention this before but I'm so impressed that Nikita doesn't get mad at Owen for killing Daniel; a lesser show would've dragged this melodramatic subplot for ages.

    “Seriously show, stop blowing my mind.” Read my mind, Nad!

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