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The Walking Dead 3×09 – The Suicide King

"I must be the first brother in history to break into prison."


The Walking Dead has had a spectacular season so far but sadly this episode wasn’t a particularly powerful return for the show.

Rick is really going nuts isn’t he? Andrew Lincoln has been incredible this year, and he was especially impressive in that final sequence when he “saw” Laurie. I’m intrigued to see where they take the character and if he’ll manage to maintain his sanity in order to lead his team against The Governor’s approaching army. And what about the new gang consisting of Tyrese, Sasha and the nameless ones? Surely they could be of help no? I have a feeling they’ll be joining our team pretty soon now that our sheriff is a tad incapacitated.

Can I just say that Carol has suddenly become my favorite character on the show? It’s fascinating because she used to be so pointless and negligible in the grand scheme of things. But now she’s become a pseudo-mother for Carl, while still managing to drop in a few enlightening tidbits about abusive relationships and how difficult it is to escape them. I never really got her dynamic with Darryl but I’ll admit that having him leave the gang for Merl provides some good drama.

The Woodbury stuff however was pretty bad here. What are the writers trying to do with Andrea? She’s become so unlikeable it’s scary. In addition, her motivations make absolutely no sense. What was up with what speech? And why is she still by the Governor’s side even after learning that he was holding her friends prisoner? Please storyline, start making sense soon.

Zombie Bites

– Loved Rick knocking out Merle mid-rant. So satisfying.

– I get that Michonne is probably traumatized but she needs to start answering questions. This is getting old. At least say you know Andrea when asked!

– Beautiful moment with Hershel calling Glenn his own son. I love their dynamic.

– Seriously, the Andrea stuff is laughable.

Without the relentless pace and excitement of the previous episodes, this was a somewhat underwhelming return from The Walking Dead.

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