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Grey’s Anatomy 10×03 – Everybody’s Crying Mercy

"Can I ask you one thing, when we're done here: will you braid my hair?"


I was expecting a lighthearted hour after last week’s depressing premiere, but I’m glad to report that this hour still managed to produce some weighty drama amidst all the sex jokes and zingers.

As much as Grey’s Anatomy has often pushed Meredith Grey to the sidelines, she’s always been the heart of the show. This was never more apparent than in this episode’s haunting final scene. As Meredith sat by Webber’s bedside, he revealed that he didn’t want to live, and that he’d given Mer his power of medical attorney because he believed she could be emotionless and not have him operated on. It was difficult to watch Meredith’s father-figure act so cold and ruthless with her, but it was a powerful turn of events – one which I can’t wait to see the ramifications of going forward. Poor Meredith can never catch a break huh?

Thankfully, Callie was likeable again this week after bullying Arizona and depriving her of her baby. The cheating patient (who died) was a bit too heavy-handed and forced, but she got the job done as Callie ultimately came to Arizona and treated her with a modicum of respect. Naturally, their troubles aren’t over yet as Arizona still isn’t ready for therapy. I hope Shonda can make this couple’s road to recovery an absorbing one, because it turn grating in the long run.

Bits & Scalpels

– Christina’s mockery of Alex this week was quite amusing, especially when got into bed with him. “I knew you’d cheer me up.”

– Much like Christina screamed at Bailey last week, Avery imposed his power over Owen this week. I do love this added layer with some of our doctors owning the hospital. It adds an interesting dose of tension to the proceedings.

– Meredith napping while on the phone with Christina was quite cute wasn’t it?

– I literally cringed while watching Webber try and drink the soup.

– While I like the fact that Ross took the initiative and attached the NG tube to Webber, I still don’t like the guy. Kill him off in the next disaster please?

– Callie screaming at everyone to get out of the elevator really made me laugh.

– What was up with the rap music this week? It was particularly jarring during the death scene of Arizona’s patient.

– I did love the moment with Arizona choosing not to reveal the affair as she watched the brothers comfort each other. But is was it her place to make this decision? It was the woman’s dying wish after all.

– Admittedly amusing sight: Owen calling the board-member meeting in the decimated room.

– I hope we get to see the kindergarten teacher again next week. I’m intrigued to see if Avery can fix her face.

– I want to like Alex and Jo, but when their main storyline is as lightweight as the one they had this week (not having had sex yet), I find it hard to care.

– Christina and Owen have decided to date other people. Yeah, this is gonna end well.

Grey Banter

Meredith: Where’s my nap Christina?
Christina: I don’t know, I didn’t steal your nap.

Callie: Hey you guys did couple’s therapy right? Was it good? Did it help? I mean obviously not right look at you guys. No offense.
Christina: Offense.

Joe: Heather would understand; she’d want me to get laid.
Murphy: Pushing it but okay.

Christina: Haircut.
Arizona: You can’t just say haircut. You have to say nice haircut. Otherwise, I’ll think it’s a bad haircut and I’m wearing a dress and I got a haircut because I want to look nice. Do I like nice?
Christina: You look tense.

Bailey: A feeding tube takes away a man’s dignity.
Meredith: So does dying.

Must-Download Music
All Fall Down by Garrison Starr featuring AG
You & I (Nobody In This World) by John Legend

While not as powerful as last week’s premiere, this was an entertaining episode with a healthy dose of signature Grey’s dramedy.

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  1. Seriously a rap song while a woman is dying?! Anyway I was quite surprised with Webber at the end, I really didn't see that one coming.. Poor Meredith! And yes they can kill Ross, I certainly wouldn't miss him.

    You & I – Another gem by John Legend! Beautiful!

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