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The Good Fight 1×05 – Stoppable: Requiem For An Airdate

"I hate when you disguise curses as compliments."


How awesome was that?

It amazes me that The Good Fight has managed to sustain a quality of storytelling that took The Good Wife years to master. I never want this show to end!

It would have been too easy for the show to just reference Trump’s reign in passing, but the new Presidents informs every detail in this hour, particularly in how it relates to the case of the week. Plus there’s a wonderfully meta layer to all the proceedings with the case tackling a scriptwriter whose episode was incessantly pushed back by the network due to Trump’s victory. It’s all so gloriously timely, punctuated by the fact that it all comes crashing down thanks to one insane tweet. Absolutely hilarious.

And then there’s Diane’s personal journey. Watching her squirm her way around her capital contribution was getting depressing, so I pretty much jumped out of my seat in the episode’s final moments as Miss Lockhart blackmailed the firm into taking her contribution out of Neil Gross’ funds. Yep, the ChumHum CEO is back, and although I was never fond of the character on The Good Wife, I love seeing such a familiar face return and bounce off Diane. Oh, and Lockhart is now also a name partner. Talk about a kickass lady!

It’s also worth mentioning that Kurt also returned, and for the first time in a long time, I’m actually rooting for him and Diane to make it work. There’s just an easy chemistry there as Diane helped her ex out with his speech, and I was fascinated by her refusing to admit her financial troubles. The passion’s definitely still there (notice the way he kissed Diane after the speech went off without a hitch). Wow!

But my favorite part of the entire episode is undoubtedly Elsbeth Tascioni’s phenomenal return. The biggest drawback in The Good Wife‘s final season is that this eccentric and tremendously lovable character never made an appearance in those last episodes, but that error has thankfully been rectified. Suffice to say, Carrie Preston is as magnificent as ever; she owns the role of Elsbeth and her various nuances, and it’s an absolute pleasure watching her light up the screen. Whether she’s sneakily befriending Kresteva’s wife, or subtly threatening him in the diner, the character’s a hoot in every way. Plus, Kresteva finally has someone to be scared of. I sure hope the show keeps her around for a long time to come.

Bits & Cases

– Outstanding continuity: Kurt mentions that Diane called him. Remember when she almost dialed?

– Notice that Elsbeth mentions in passing that she used to sit alone at school. It’s a heartbreaking character moment.

– Diane is giddy with joy when she sees the gun that Kurt gave her. I do hope she gets the chance to shoot it at some point soon.

– Another comedic gem: the POV shot of all our lawyers as they interview a potential attorney who tries to painfully fit in with his black lingo. It’s horrendous.

– Elsbeth’s bizarre office: I wouldn’t expect anything less! And Adrian’s reaction to the character is so on point!

– So does Maia’s dad know about his wife and Jax? It’s all so odd, and not as captivating as the rest of the show. Maia deserves better.

– Diane is still checking out that gorgeous French mansion online. Her reaction to the studios? “Not happening“. Ha!

– It’s a small touch, but notice how Diane is holding photocopies of the notes she wrote for Kurt while he holds the originals. It’s not something most people will notice, but I love this attention to detail.

– Has Amber the lawyer been on the show before? I don’t think so, but she’s so quirky that she totally fits in the show’s world. I’m eager to see more of her. Her “Fuck you” was totally unexpected.

– The visual of Elsbeth sneaking up the glass in the diner and shocking Kresteva is the kind of image that memes are made of.

– So amusing: Lucca giving Colin the finger in court and his hilarious expressions.

– Did anyone else sense some romantic vibes between Gross and Marissa? He did ask for her to stay in the meeting.

– I found it hysterical that Diane had to run and make sure they didn’t let their client go since he’s the reason Gross joined their firm.

– Epic threat: Tascioni leaving her card on Kresteva’s desk.

– The fact that Elsbeth recorded Kresteva’s threat made me love her ten times more.

– Even more incredible continuity: Lucca and Colin out for the milkshakes he promised.

– Alicia reference! Lucca talks about her one true friend. Notice how we didn’t get an answer when Elsbeth first asked about what Alicia was doing? I guess the writers haven’t decided yet.

– Am I hallucinating or did it look like that was blood on Colin’s back where Lucca was biting? She kind of looked like a vampire for a second there.

– Seriously that ending with Diane strutting out as Barbara exclaims “She’s gonna be trouble” is just perfect.

Good Lines

Adrian: My guess, they’d much rather have us inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in.

Gross: (about Marissa) She’s chatty.
Diane: She is that.

Amber: Objection, Your Honor. I guess I’d call it sarcastic badgering.

Lucca: I don’t make friends easily.
Colin: Why not?
Lucca: I don’t like to get hurt.
Colin: You afraid I’m gonna hurt you?
Lucca: (laughing) No, I don’t get hurt by boys.

With its remarkably witty script, this is a brilliant episode of The Good Fight and my favorite episode thus far.

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  1. Still thinking about this episode days later! Just like The Good Wife, I think this is the only other show on television that is capable of being SO good every week without really delivering explosive episodes. When I think about my favorite Scandal episodes for example, I think of all the shocking and jaw-dropping twists. Here, the show is just consistently good and it forces you to love it, with or without the twists.

    Hope I don't jinx it lol. And yay for season two renewal!!!

  2. Love your comparison to Scandal. Perfectly stated and oh so true. What a rich and complex show> I can't wait to dissect it for years to come!

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